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"Cliff has created a video that can easily challenge "On Any Given Sunday."  This is a wonderful video for anyone who truly loves to ride."

- Richard from NJ

At 105 minutes, not including bonus features, this is a long ride but a beautiful one, enough to make you want to get your own bike and hit the road.

- Dave Howell,

Great job! I really enjoyed watching the DVD. An epic journey.

- Tom in Kansas



I received the DVD. It was a gift to my boyfriend who as you loves to ride.

The scenery was beautiful and the entire ride was quite a testament to your Pops! The trip was certainly a huge undertaking. I can only imagine your fatigue and fulfillment to haven taken the journey. While watching the ride, I was filled with questions. Where did you stay? How many miles did you do each day? What parts of the country did you like the best? Were there any really interesting spots? Although I quickly realized that was not the point of the trip. It left me wanting more especially in the cold snowy days in Illinois winters.

Thanks for the picturesque journey


Cliff @ Redline America

Hi Geri,

Thank you for your kind words. I prefer to stay in hotels, however sometimes one has to stay next to the camera to get a sunrise shot, or the distances between places takes much longer than expected and you get no sleep. I have no favorite spot in our great land. Really, there are to many to list. I feel Redline America is about perseverance, and it really is meant to be watched when trapped without one's bike.

I hope your winter is short,




That is what I thought, it had to be work and not just a pleasure ride. Otherwise it wouldn't come out so well. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Knowing that you are a real, down to earth person will make viewing your film even better. The parallel to On Any Sunday makes sense; a film produced by a true enthusiast trying to capture the feeling to share with others. Good job.

I have encouraged many of my friends to buy one also.

- Kurtis


It is one of the best motorcycle videos that I've ever seen - great scenery and great music.

- Earle West Chester, PA


I've watched it three times. Awesome riding video!

- Bill in New York



On Monday I got your copy of the DVD you sent on Friday. My wife and I watched it Monday evening. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Your DVD has inspired us to go see The Needles Highway, Zion, Pacific coast Highway 1 from Cambria up to Seattle and also go to the Keys in Florida. Keep up the good work with the motorcycle DVD's.

- David, KS


Hi Cliff,

I really enjoyed the ride. Your film takes me back to some of my Great Rides-Bear Tooth--Yellow Stone--Hwy 1. Great film, I trust there will be more.

Live Well

Ride More-------Jerry



I loved the film. It brought tears to my eyes and warm affirmations to my heart. You made good art. Beautiful paintings, great editing, mysterious, seeing with the eyes of the heart.

Thank you.

All good things,

Tom from PA



I just received my copy of Redline America and watched it immediately! I was enthralled with the visual adventure and found myself several times leaning with you in a corner. The movie had a remarkable way of viewing the trip mostly from the rider's perspective rather than shot after shot from a passerby's view. I would love to replicate your journey someday but that day is a long way off now that I have two kids and a wife to keep me home. Your memoir has given me a dream that I someday will accomplish. I pray my high praise in the motorcycle community will give you increased business and further inspire future expeditions.



Well I've watched Redline America three times now and it gets better each time. Some of the roads I've ridden before and it was inspiring to ride them again. Your photography was so good it was like I was riding them again. The off the bike scenes were amazing and inspire me to take the slow road next time. I'm going to order two more copies as I know that I will never get them back when I loan them out to some old farts like me. Thank you, Thank you again, would not change a single frame or word, best video ever. I'll be on the road this summer, do you have a bigger map or some of the roads on a blog or web site other than Redline America, or am I blind and can't see it there? Freedom is not free, let us not forget!



Cliff @ Redline America

Hi Glenn,That is a great idea. As soon as I can find the maps I will post them.


“What emerges is a film about less about motorcycling and more about wandering.”




I don't know where to start and would not know how to stop in praise of Redline America. As Gayle has told you I have some time on 2 wheels. Visited all your locations excepting Mount Whitney. And Cliff, thanks to your DVD and my huge screen TV I will be able to ride forever...or close to it. Thanks beyond counting for your awesome creation.

Cliff @ Redline America

People like you make it all worthwhile! Thank you.


Hey Cliff!

Yes, I do want a second copy. David loved the DVD and wants to send a copy to his riding buddy in Washington State. 



Hi Cliff--

Just watched Redline America. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I so get it. I just posted your link on my Twitter page as recommended viewing with a link to your website. Loved the quotes throughout the DVD.Congratulations on a job well done. 

What a story...

Warmly, Sandi



I watched your film at a friend’s home last night and must admit, I want a motorcycle now. Redline America was quite the surprise. This truly is a journey into a mans soul. Ethics and morals are presented along side a motorcycle trip around the country. Unbelievable scenery. All from the seat of a motorcycle. When it was over I wished I had this biker as a friend. I think the trip has to be the most eye-popping experience one could have. I went down to my Harley Davidson dealer this morning and picked up info on a Sportster. Inexpensive and it looks cool. I will go for my permit in a few weeks and maybe next year do this trip with my friend who rides. (He doesn't think so)


Cliff @ Redline America

Hi Brian,Take a motorcycle-riding course; it is a great way to learn.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your flick! I plan on going after this goal of mine since I started riding (30 plus years) the tricky part is that I plan on doing it while sitting on a 1200 sportster. ANY tips?

Thanks again!

David (USN)

Cliff @ Redline America

For months before, do hand exercises. Get a big comfy seat; use new tires, you know, I will have to do a blog about this topic…


I recommend the film to anyone seeking an adventure across the great country of ours, to feel inspired and truly witness a glimpse into the great America many people, including our ancestors, have journeyed through.



Thanks to all of you.

“Live to Ride, Ride to Live."